The immigrant experience:

Marshalltown, Iowa

         Immigration, particularly illegal immigration, is one of the most controversial issues brought into the national limelight. The issue has gained national attention not only because of its obvious political and economic implications, but because of its human rights aspects as well. While different stakeholders battle to define the issue to a national audience, many policy-makers wonder whether the public is informed enough to make wise choices regarding how the country should deal with this problem. In the state of Iowa, the problem is no less serious.

In the 2008 Condition of the State address, Iowa Governor Chet Culver declared, “We can all agree that companies should be held accountable for hiring illegal workers” (p. 8). Not only does this statement barely touch on the topic, it also demonstrates the lack of importance given to such a significant national issue that affects not only the (un)documented immigrants living in Iowa, but also the people within the Iowa communities where immigrants reside.

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